Surgical Education and Mentorship Workshop 2: Suturing

Welcome to the second of a series of workshops for surgical education! Over the year, we plan to cover important surgical skills (including knot tying, suturing, dissection, and closure) as well as high yield concepts (like cardiac anatomy, abdominal cavity anatomy, and principles of the surgical abdomen). Subsequent workshops will build on the foundations taught in the first few workshops. We welcome students from all classes who are thinking about surgery!

This workshop will be led by Dr. Areti Tillou from Trauma Surgery, Dr. Peyman Benharash from Cardiac Surgery, Dr. James Wu from Endocrine Surgery, and Dr. Junko Ozao-Choy from Surgical Oncology. We will practice various interrupted and running suture techniques at all difficulty levels! First come, first serve! Signups are limited and will close 11/30 at 5pm.