A first-year medical student, Alberto Romo Valenzuela has displayed a passion and commitment to serve underserved communities. In 2001, Alberto immigrated to the United States at the age of 8. As an undocumented individual, he served as an advocate and a translator for his parents during physician visits. He directly experienced the lack of access and inability to pay for healthcare access that at-risk communities face. Alberto graduated from the University of California, Berkeley where he earned a BA in Public Health. As an undergraduate, he served as publicity officer for Chican@s/Latin@s in Health Education, where he provided monthly health education to day laborers in Berkeley. After graduating, he worked at Good Samaritan Family Resource Center where he resolved or provided referrals to immigrant communities facing homelessness, evictions or difficult divorces. As a member of the UCLA PRIME-Leadership and Advocacy program, Alberto aims to advocate for and address the health disparities that disadvantaged communities face throughout California and the United States. He will rotate through clinical clerkships and participate in research projects that serve underserved communities. He plans on earning a Masters in Public Health to supplement his understanding of health disparities.

Undergrad Institution: UC Berkeley

Hometown: Guadalajara, Jalisco, MX; Bakersfield, CA