Gianna is originally from Paterson, New Jersey, the daughter of a fiery Italian, and a mellow Colombian, both qualities that she likes to think she inherited. After her mother moved to Medford, Oregon, she split her time between Paterson and Medford, traveling back and forth with her favorite uncle, Oswaldo. She graduated from North Medford High School, where Mrs. Warren inspired her to pursue a career in medicine after introducing her to an amazing anatomy class. She went on to study Biology and Sociology at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Gianna chose these areas of study because she was interested in not only science and health, but also the intersection of race, class and gender in medicine. After college, Gianna became a Teach For America corps member, and taught high school biology at Richmond High School in Richmond, CA, where she had the opportunity to educate talented, dedicated, passionate students. Richmond, as one of California’s most underserved communities, truly proved that a career in service was what she wanted most, and reinforced that medicine was the perfect blend of what she is passionate about: service, science and people. Now, as part of the UCLA PRIME program, she is able to nurture her passion for serving the underserved and is surrounded by likeminded medical students. As Mentorship Chair and Wellness Chair, Gianna hopes to continue to work with young, passionate individuals, while focusing on keeping LMSA well.

Undergrad Institution: Loyola Marymount University

Hometown: Paterson, NJ