Dr. Margolis is an Associate Adjunct Professor in the Department of Internal Medicine, at University of California Davis Health and School of Medicine (UCDH/SOM). Her translational research seeks to define and address the diverse clinical and population health impacts of climate change-mediated environmental and psychosocial stressors, especially among medically and socially vulnerable patients and populations. That research builds on her portfolio of epidemiologic studies of the health effects of air pollution and ambient heat exposures, with a particular focus on children and older adults, and on the Social Determinants of Health that modulate the exposures and outcomes. The climate crisis is already amplifying local-to-global social and health inequities, including access to healthcare; thus, a central aim of her research is to identify evidence-based interventions/solutions – at the patient-, health system-, and community-levels that reduce health risks and the inequalities that drive those risks. Dr. Margolis is also focused on the development/integration of climate change-related content relevant to clinical practice, health equity, and population health into UCD SOM’s M.D. Program longitudinal curriculum, as well as continuing medical education for clinicians at UCDH/SOM and beyond.