BIO 1:

Holly Huang is a first-year medical student at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. Coming to the US at age 11, she had only her family who means everything to her. Being a family-oriented person, she feels her heart aching for patients and their families battling cancer and other ruthless illnesses, drawing her toward medicine. During her undergraduate studies at UCLA, she worked in a translational oncology laboratory contributing to discovering promising new cancer therapeutics. She also led efforts in increasing the ease of providing personalized referrals of low-cost services and resources to patients and their families in need. She especially enjoys working with the youth having volunteered in pediatrics clinics, mentored high school students across the greater LA region, mentored her peers during college, and volunteered almost every summer since high school at various children’s summer camps. At DGSOM, Holly is excited to continue outreaching to communities, mentoring students, contributing to research, and soaking in as much knowledge and skills as she can.

BIO 2:

M.D. Candidate | David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology, B.S. | UCLA '19
Biomedical Research Minor
Transferred from Riverside City College

Coming to the US with my family at age 11, I had only my family who meant everything to me. Being a family-oriented person, I feel my heart aching for patients and their families battling cancer and other ruthless illnesses, drawing me toward medicine. A couple books along with my personal experience with cancer prompted my subsequent exploration of oncology via courses (why I chose my major!), research, shadowing, volunteering, seminars, and conferences during my time at UCLA, all of which solidified my goal of becoming an excellent and kind oncologist (still open to other specialties). In my free time, I like to play basketball, try new foods, play the flute, listen to podcasts, and soak in life (vicariously through my non-med friends). I sometimes crack terrible puns and jokes that make people shake their heads, and like to prepare small surprises for people to brighten their days. My retirement plan is to open up a philanthropic flower shop and give out flowers to people to bring smiles to their faces.