Born and raised by the cold winds of Chicago, my dreams for college were basically to get out. Life took me to a place about 10 degrees warmer, but somehow my Caribbean blood managed since I found myself in little DR. New York treated me well for the most part, but once you have enough, it becomes time to get out. So I took another leap of faith and made my way to the best coast, I mean west coast. I love LA because I feel most at home surrounded by Latinos from all over. I don't mind the salsa music either, which is about as vital to me as food. Never did I image that I would end up in medical school. My parents were immigrants from Chile and Cuba, both escaping dictatorships, and met at a wedding in Chicago. As exiles they continue to escape, which has left me with family all over, from NorCal to New York, and Chile to Italy. I often say that figuring out where any of us might be is like playing, Where in the World of Carmen Sandiego?

Undergrad Institution: Columbia University

Hometown: Chicago, IL