Lobsang Marcia was born and raised in Nica ragua. He came to the United States in 2006 with no plans to stay, let alone pursue medical school. After a series of events, he landed a job in an HIV clinic at San Francisco General Hospital. This experience contributed to him going back to school and later pursuing medicine. He got his GED, went to community college and later transferred to San Francisco State University. During college, Lobsang worked at an oncology clinic in the county hospital and engaged in research with undocumented immigrants in the Bay Area. These experiences continued to feed his desire to work with underserved populations. As part of the Drew/UCLA Medical Education program, he wants to learn how to become a physician leader and advocate in our disadvantaged communities. During his first year in medical school, he’s been involved with LMSA, AMA and the student-run homeless clinic; volunteering, mentoring, serving and advocating. Lobsang is interested in institutional and structural changes. He believes that with medicine he can touch people’s lives individually, but with structural changes, many more people can be reached. On his down time, he likes to eat, run, bike and watch sitcoms in no particular order.

Undergrad Institution: San Francisco State University

Hometown: Granada, Nicaragua