Trish Hubbard spent half her life in Chula Vista, California, and the other half in Santa Ana, California but now considers Los Angeles her home. Growing up around violence and poverty, she grew tired of seeing members of her community fight against each other, which motivated her to seek change in her community. While volunteering at a local hospital during high school she found she shard the same fears and frustrations as the patients, who also wished for things to be different, to be better. As a result she felt an increased sympathy and sensitivity to their needs and difficulties. From those experiences, she became truly excited about a career in the medical field and using medicine as an avenue for change in the community. At UCLA, she received a BS in Anthropology and a minor in Mexican Studies and participated in various activities and organizations, including HIV research, Project Brite, Project Nicaragua, CCM, and Mobile Clinic, while also working at Acapulco and the Plastic Surgery Department. After college, she spent a year in Latin America, including parts of Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. This work allowed her to learn about the health care systems of the Latino population she wishes to serve, to be part of the setting up of a medical clinic, to advocate for health rights, and to conduct public health education. After returning to the US she completed a year long post-bacc at Cal State Los Angeles, while tutoring bilingual children in La Puente, followed service at the AmeriCorps at the Women’s Hearth homeless drop-in center in Spokane, WA, where she provided resources and taught health classes, quilting, photography, Zumba, and most importantly learned about the lives and circumstances of the patients. At DGSOM she is currently part of LMSA, RENEW, Mobile Clinic, urology research, a Co-coord for the Global Health Selective, and is learning how to combine all of her interests to improve community and global health. In her spare, she enjoys traveling, running, hiking, Pilates, and watching way too many movies.

Undergrad Institution: UC Los Angeles

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA