Below is a list of current medical students and former Bruins who are willing to answer school-specific questions regarding their respective medical schools. If you are a medical student and former Bruin who would like to be included on this list, feel free to contact Med Mentors at UCLA.

Note: these are only the names of some, but not all of the contributors to this document!

Name Medical School Email Address
Michelle Guan DGSOM at UCLA
Holly Huang DGSOM at UCLA
Charles Vatanatham DGSOM at UCLA
Michael Le DGSOM at UCLA |
Audrey Nguyen DGSOM at UCLA
Josh Dhaliwal DGSOM at UCLA
Theo Bennett DGSOM at UCLA
Nguyen Le DGSOM at UCLA
Derek Zhang DGSOM at UCLA
Ray Quy MCOM at USF
Harrison Lam UCI School of Medicine
Allison Ong UC Davis SOM
Josephine Hai UC Davis SOM
Emily Siegler California Northstate
Anuk Burli University of Rochester
Amy Shao Western Michigan University