The journey to medicine may seem like a checklist to you. And frankly, it indeed started out as a checklist for me (Holly). However, this checklist guided my exploration of the many facets of medicine. It was the combination of my dedication and genuine interest for the activities I took on that allowed me to enjoy this ride and informed me that I want to become a physician.
Medicine is a long road, and being a transfer student makes the road seem more daunting. We are only in the very beginning of this journey, so cultivating healthy habits and stress-coping mechanisms at this stage of our lives will pay dividends as we stride forward.
Do not forget to relax and seek help when you need to. UCLA has the most transfer-receptive environment of all universities in the US. So, when in doubt, feel free to reach out to the Transfer Student Center, and someone will be more than happy to guide you or direct you to someone who can guide you.
Good luck and enjoy the ride, future physician!