The Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA) is a network of students, alumni, and health professionals whose mission is to promote the development of Latino students through educational, volunteer, professional and networking opportunities to foster diversity, higher education, and the improvement of the Latinx community.

LMSA Actively Promotes

  • The development of a communication network for medical, pre-medical, and health care students interested in serving the medically underserved.
  • Medical, pre-medical and health care students’ interests that will lead to the improvement of healthcare for underserved communities.
  • Health policy education that affects underserved communities.
  • Educational enrichment programs for the recruitment of medical school applicants.
  • Collaborations with other organizations committed to the improvement of health care delivery for underserved communities.
  • The academic success and support of students dedicated to improving health care services to underserved populations.


With the tremendous need for effective programs to increase the number of Latino students recruited, prepared, admitted and trained in medicine and other health professions, the founding members of the Chicano/Latino Medical Student Association (CMSA) established a network of medical students throughout the entire state in 1982. In April of 1984, the CMSA Statewide Constitution was presented and approved and CMSA was officially introduced as a statewide organization. Subsequently, in order to streamline its outreach efforts to students and to create name recognition conformity with other similar organizations throughout the country, the LMSA has succeeded in carrying on the CMSA vision.